Microwave Transmission Planning and Line Of Site Survey

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Evolved Technology Limited RNE has the needed skills that can provide you with the following service:-

  • Planning of transmission access network for inter-city GSM network coverage and reduction in congestion.
  • Planning of transmission backbone network for inter-MSC & GSM connection and road coverage sites.
  • Planning of transmission remote access network for remote city GSM network coverage.
  • Transmission network design and implementation for GSM Sites with long haul PDH and SDH radio links.
  • Performs E1 traffic routing and analysis for GSM traffic.
  • Coordinate with land acquisition surveys to locate suitable GSM network and microwave sites
  • Site survey for backbone, access and remote access microwave links.
  • Line Of Sight survey for short and medium haul microwave links.
  • Re-routing microwave transmission links by analyzing Line Of Sight for existing and planned sites during site surveys.
  • Terrain profiling and path profile study and analysis.
  • Tower and antenna height calculation for new links and sites.
  • Link engineering and capacity planning for microwave transmission network.
  • Access, remote access and Backbone network design (PDH and SDH) and implementation.
  • Microwave link optimization
  • Frequency planning and interference free microwave network optimization.
  • Network health check and performance evaluation for necessary optimization
  • Identifying network performance problems and proposing appropriate corrective measures to the operation and maintenance team for the necessary corrections
  • Planning and optimization documentation (including BoQ and BoM preparation) and report generation
  • Traffic Routing and redundancy analysis
  • Route survey, study and selection for fibre Optic Networks.
  • SDH/DWDM Optical Network design.
  • Optical equipment evaluation and selection.
  • Network synchronization Planning & implementation.
  • Corporate wide area network planning


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