Radio Network Optimization and Drive Testing

We give the best Services

Evolved Technology Limited has a Radio Network Engineering (RNE) team that constantly abreast with the fast evolving Wireless technologies so that we can give our customers the best service that is second to none.

In a calculated effort to offer leading edge services to our customers, the Radio Network Engineering team understands our client business from a broader point of view. Avoiding ‘Technology Myopia’ is crucial for us, making it essential that we are market facing and view our relationship with our customers more as a long term partnership.

With our Core and Radio Network Optimization services for existing technologies for the operators. There is a continuous RF engineering activity that ensures optimum network performance that meets the set of KPI’s that ensure good Quality of Service (QoS) targets such as;


The benefits of Evolved Technology Limited RF Optimization service for the network operator.

  • Network quality is maintained resulting in higher throughput and traffic increase.
  • Stronger competitiveness resulting in higher customer acquisitions.
  • Satisfied customers resulting in low churn.
  • Efficient network utilization resulting in reduced investment costs.


The Optimization Services are given upon the high understanding of the following :

  • Study of network performances through OMC/OSS Statistics, drive tests and customer feedback.
  • Post-processing and analysis of the performance data to bench mark the network performance against the set QoS targets and identify eventual problems.
  • Proposing an action plan for solving the problems. The proposed action plan may include parameter changes and/or network configuration changes and/or network hardware elements changes.
  • In close coordination with the customer, whiles implementing the proposed action plan.
  • Performance Verification to ensure that the optimization process has resulted in network performance improvements such that it meets the set QoS targets.


That helps us to solve the problems on the network which enable us to meet the following KPI’s :

  • Call Success Rate
  • Congestion
  • Handover Success Rate
  • Speech quality
  • Network utilization

With the high level of competence, the Radio Engineers are able to do a good drive test to help them investigate the field problems


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