Project Management

We give the best Services

Evolved Technology Limited has a well-experienced Project management team, which can manage all the activities of a given project right from preparing a detailed BOQ / BOS through selection of vendors, to execute a project and document the entire operation. Because of this, an Operator / Client need not have permanent manpower resources for carrying out these tasks which are required only at the beginning of a project.

We take care of purchasing and supply of all equipment upon request by our noble customers.

Our team is endowed with requisite knowledge in SCM. Due to their rich experience, we have been able to supply turnkey solutions at very competitive rates. SCM Team is prepared to go all out with research on development strategies, project planning, feasibility studies and all kinds of engagements that would make us stand out as the best among the rest.

We can resource, organize and execute specific projects with our experienced team upon short notices.

Organizational Structure: The Project Management Team is organized to cater for various activities covered in the scope of work.

Our Capabilities: Project Management teams have the capability to provide Quality Services to the Operators, right from Site Survey to Site completion and Site Ready for BTS Installation.

Scope of Work: Scope of Work consists of following activities:

  • Site Survey.
  • Site Engineering (Structural Analysis of an existing building, layout design of equipment etc).
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities & Bill of Services.
  • Quality check on all items used in the project at site and at the Suppliers’ Factory (at request by Operators).
  • Scheduling of supply of various equipment. Towers, Shelters, DG Sets, Air-conditioners, Power supply system’s etc.
  • Monitoring all the activities on daily basis and reporting through a MIS (including critical area and critical activity analysis.
  • Liaison with State Electricity Boards for obtaining required power.
  • Obtaining of No Objection Certificate for setting up Cell Site.
  • Provision of Security at Site.
  • Documentation.


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